Cutting Edge Technology

Retinal Angiography

Macular Edema Focal Laser

Macular Hole Vitrectomy Surgery

We approach your potential treatments conservatively, carefully weighing benefit against risk within your comfort level. Treatments from improved risk control, to topical use of drops, to various laser techniques, to office injections, to operating room microsurgery may be suggested as appropriate. We frequently recommend slowly escalating treatments, such that less invasive measures are employed first, for your safety.

Our impressive diagnostic and therapeutic resources include:

  • Diagnostics: 3-D reconstruction high-resolution retinal scanning technology, infrared and autofluorescence photography, pattern electroretinography, visually evoked potential, high-density macular microperimetry, kinetic video ultrasonography, optical coherence tomography angiography, and video fluorescein and indocyanine green retinal angiography.
  • Therapeutics: medical (non-procedural) interventions, low duty cycle micropulse diode yellow laser technology, diode green laser technology, photodynamic laser therapy, cutting edge injectable medicines, and microsurgical intervention.

Using these methods, we are able to diagnose and treat retinal disorders across the spectrum. Our diagnostics include subclinical detection of decline, to protect you before major vision loss manifests.